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    Meet your concierge money manager
    ExpenseBit allows you to seamlessly split expenses with your friends
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    A simple & powerful tool to manage your finances

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Take control of your monthly expenditure and streamline your finance management.

sms sync

SMS sync

Syncs with your inbox to add expenses automatically.

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Daily and Monthly Trends

Analyze your expenditure over a daily, weekly or monthly basis with graphs and charts.

track expenses

Budget Planner

Set a budget across different categories (like groceries, bills, and clothes). ExpenseBit keeps track of all your Daily, Monthly and yearly expenses.

split expense

Split Expenses

Splitting and sharing common expenses with your friends with the touch of a screen.

budget control

Tracking Expenses At Your Fingertips

Efficiently maintains logs of all expenses by product, date, vendor, and category.

email sync

Email sync

connect your gmail account and instantly see your online shopping history, travel tickets and wallet balances in one unified inbox.

expense tracker expense manager

How to Track your Expenses?

How can you save money without knowing how much you are (over)spending?

Categorize your expenses

Identify expenses as either fixed or variable expenses to calculate the range of your monthly spend

Consistently Track your expenses

Keep tabs on your spending and you’ll see lots of money at the end of the month to spend on things you care about.

Start listing your regular Monthly Bills

Classify your recurring expenses to get a clear picture.

Record Your Expenses Throughout the Day

Set a budget and stick to it by knowing your daily limits.
The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.

–Benjamin Franklin

All Features

ExpenseBit is a powerful expense tracker that mobilizes all your financial activities to gain control of your money.

Know your balances

Know your balances

Easily maintains logs from connected wallets. Checks
Wallets History from conected Account. Ideal Money tracker


Track your expenses

Track your expenses

Easily maintains logs of your offline expenses. Calculates expenses based on categories. Checks expenses on the linked e-commerce sites.


Know your history

Know your history

Collects purchase history from various linked websites.
Logs all the transactions in one screen. Helps in better
budget plannig.


Get notified

Get notified

Notifies Price Drop on all products across various categories.
suggestions based on your purchase history.


Your privacy matters

Your privacy matters

Never breaches your personal security. Accesses
mails from the e-commerce websites. Requires
offline access to your email.


Travel Paperless

Travel Paperless

Keeps track of all your travel expenses. Allows
maintaining multiple travel records. Keeps a list of
all the tickets online.


Know what to shop

Know what to shop

Shortlists trending products in all categories as
per your interest. Keeps you posted with the latest
styles and brands.


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Don't hear from us only. Hear others too.

Simple and easy to use expense tracker and budget manager. I love the UI.

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How does Expensebit renders my expense reports?

Expensebit finds transaction data from your messages

Why expenseBit is not showing me my transactions?

This can happen when you deny required permission for ExpenseBit to find and analyse the E-Receipts from your messages- or may not have any transactionsal messages.

How secure is ExpenseBit?

Data is transmitted securely via SSL (TLS 1.2) which makes your data perfectly secure. Your data is more safe with Expensebit.

How ExpenseBit Protects my privacy?

ExpenseBit never reads your personal messages. ExpenseBit will search for E-receipts and nothing else. We don’t share your personal information. ExpenseBit respects your privacy.

What if ExpenseBit doesn’t support some Brands?

We are continuously adding support for more banks and more websites..
A penny saved is a penny gained!

Tips to save money

Expensebit's guide to money-saving habits will make figure out several ways
to bring down your daily expenses and avoid overspending. Here are some of the tricks:

Waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both.

–Benjamin Franklin

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